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The Assignment:

Create an annotated timeline of Napoleon's rise, rule, and fall. An annotated timeline is one which you write two or three sentences that elaborate on the event chosen and explain significance.

The Task:

  1. First choose the ten to twelve events you want to include. Be sure to cover all three aspects: rise, rule, and fall.
  2. Design choice is up to you. It can be a horizontal or vertical timeline.
    • Be sure date/event/annotation are clearly indicated and connected.
  3. When timeline is complete and you think you want extra pointage, bring up to four graphics into your design.
  4. This is a one day deal in terms of the lab time to accomplish it. Start focused, stay focused, and finish.
  5. Be sure to save timeline into the Gregory/Period 2 folder.
  6. Should you accomplish all this and still have time on your hands, do not shop for shoes, work on the review material we discussed Thursday.

An announcement. As of right now, we WILL NOT meet in the lab on Monday. This supercedes anything the sub might tell you about Monday. Also, check the wikispace over the weekend during your studies for any further announcements - they will be posted on the homepage.