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Complete this form with the URL of your Google Site home page.

HERE is a copy of your Spring Break Assignment.

Today - 2.25.13

  1. Set up Google site if you have not done so.This will put you on your home page. Now, Add a Unit XI page. Add page button is in upper right.
    • Name your site as follows:
      • P4LastnameFirstinitial_APEH
        • for example: P4GregoryS_APEH
  2. This is an exercise in preview.Choose one of the topics introduced to you in these chapters and start an exploration of it.
    • Go HERE and preview the topics from chapter 23
      • AND/OR
    • Go HERE and preview the topics from chapter 24

  3. Be sure to share your site with me.
    • on your google site:
      • write an intro to the topic
      • bring in at least one visual to help you explain the impact of your topic on Europe in the late 19th Century
      • Have an informal bibliography at the bottom of your page.

Your Google Site:

  • It should be fairly straight forward for you to construct
  • Sign into your Google acct.
  • Click on the "Site" menu item at the top of the page.
  • Hit the "Create" button.
  • Name your site appropriately, as per above instructions.