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"Fare passi da gigante!"

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Teresa - Shared Nationalism doc with you through Google Docs - Make a copy for your own drive.

  • Unit XIV: Post War: Kagan Section 3
  • ALSO !!! Friday Review Session is Now at 3:30PM - not 5:45 (still an hour and a half long)
  • Saturday Review Session starts at 9 and is 2 hours long.


There have been CHANGES made to the REVIEW calendar!!!!! Please double check!!!!


  • Today in class I think I might have said two different things...
  • We are done with Unit XIII so the next class session we have our test....
  • And that is TUESDAY!!!! (4/30/13) I think due to our weird schedules this week, I talked like it was going to be Wednesday.
  • No. No. No. It is DEFINITELY TUESDAY!!!!


  • You should be done with all syllabus reading for Unit XIII (so, not really your HW)
  • Go to the Unit XIII page and scroll down to the World War II section
    • Click on the WWII SUMMARY AP ver document to open
    • Study this outline thoroughly - follow the instructions that are in red.
    • Consider answering online discussion questions.
    • And if you are concerned about the History CST, you might want to jump ahead and skim Cold War material.


Negotiating the Peace This is tonight's HW.


Grades for GP4


Check your messages. I sent all students a link to your online Unit X assessment.It is set up for two attempts. I will use your average score.


THE SEMESTER EXAM COVERS THE SEMESTER!!!!!! (but not unit 1) Renaissance thru Nappy!!!!!!!!


Reminder: There is a review page....


For those of you who did not figure out that you could go to the Unit VIII page and download the syllabus to be able to complete #5 on your winter break assignment.....please do so now!


ASB Group = no projects posted
The Donuts = no projects posted
The Musicians = no projects posted
The Neons = one project posted; incorrectly named
The Wiggles = one attempted posting of project
USA = no projects posted
Beauty and the Beasts = two projects posted

Happy Holidays! I really appreciate the effort you put into this adjusted project!


Google servers are inaccessible from school today, so whereas today's library computer assignment was to be done through google docs, now you will use Word and upload the doc to your study group's page. If you cannot figure that out, then you can print it out.

  • Art Project: Neoclassicism and Romanticism
    1. Download THIS, and complete.
    2. Save with your name and keep the .doc
    3. Sign into wikispaces and get to your group page
    4. Upload your doc.


HERE is a copy of your winter break assignment. It is also on the Current Project page.


You have been sent a link to an important document that I have shared with you in your Google acct. Read it tonight.


My apologies. The test setting have now been fixed and it will be open until Dec 4 - 11PM


HERE is the link to the Unit V exam. Check your messages for the password.


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you guys follow the instructions regarding the Ancien Regime Peasant Pic!!!! Do not start editing the original!!!


I don't believe enough of you are making use of the resources on the Unit pages. There are review items, explanatory items, humorous items, extra credit items, etc. Many of you need an attitude adjustment, and utilizing the Unit pages might be a place to start.


Those of you who turned in typed terms this unit won't be penalized this time, since the course sheet doesn't exactly say handwritten. The fact that index cards are required should be info enough to that effect, but apparently not. For future reference, ID terms must be handwritten.


The remainder of today's powerpoint lecture is posted on the unit I page.

The "Sophie's Room" link in the menu down the left side will take you directly to the online discussion questions.

Some former links....

Cool! (or at least I think so.)

Interested in the history of Spain?

Interested in architecture?

Try These!

In Quiet Switzerland, Outspoken Rapper Takes On the Far Right

A cool discovery = glimpse.org

Some beautiful photos of Europe

For more study tools, go HERE and click on "European History."

Cost of Iraq War

WOW! Check this out!

From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "songs around the world" being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe. This and other songs such as "One Love" will be released as digital downloads soon; followed by the film soundtrack and DVD in the spring of 2009.

Find out more about the CollegeBoard™ exam you will be preparing to take next May!

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Read about Rick Steve's travels in Europe! It's a relatively painless way to get an introduction to the politics, culture, and history of Europe!
He also does a European art history survey in his "Europe 101" slideshows!