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UNIT VI Syllabus: Syll Unit VI 11-12.doc

UNIT VI Terms: Terms Sci Rev_Enl 11-12.doc


The Scientific Revolution:whitespace_10.jpg

Galileo on trial:whitespace_10.jpgGalileo Trial info .doc
Another source of basic info
More Galileo y mas
A brief summary chart: CCC_SciRev.pdf
A brief summary of Witchcraft persecution: CCC_Witchcraft.pdf
Astronomy Videos

Interview with Galileo

Galileo FAQ
Tycho's Nose:whitespace_10.jpgTycho' nose
Tycho Brahe exhumed

Newton's Laws of Motionwhitespace.jpg

Notes on the Scientifi Revolution


A thorough overview of the Enlightenment

Thanks to Mr. Beach:

Watch it on Academic Earth

<--- This is Lynn Hunt, history professor at UCLA. Listen to this lecture and take notes.

Perry Enlightenment 2

Here is our Enlightenment ppt in pdf fomat:whitespace_10.jpgmyAPEnlight.pdfwhitespace_10.jpgAnd here it is in ppt format:whitespace_10.jpgmyAP Enlight intro.ppt
Hobbes and Locke Info.: whitespace_10.jpgHobbesLocke.ppt
A bit more on Rousseau and Wollstonecraft:whitespace_10.jpgRouss_Wolls.ppt

Here is a chart to help you with notes on the Enlightened Despots:whitespace.jpgEnlightened_Despots.pdf
Enlightenment Summary (brief): ENLIGHTENMENT CHART

SG Sci Rev Enlight